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BlueRemediomics, a new European research project, co-coordinated by Chris Bowler, director of research at CNRS | IBENS and Rob Finn at EMBL-EBI, was recently launched

Harnessing the marine microbiome for novel sustainable biogenics and ecosystem services

A new European research project was recently launched which aims to leverage the untapped potential of marine microbial resources. The marine microbiome is one of the fastest growing segments of the blue bioeconomy, and its study is vital for the discovery, understanding, protection and utilisation of our ocean resources. BlueRemediomics will develop novel tools and approaches to explore marine microbiome data, uniting an international consortium of experts that will work on the discovery and production of high value sustainable marine microbiome-based products, processes and services.

BlueRemediomics will systematically catalogue marine microbiome data and marine culture collections to facilitate the development of industrial processes that reduce waste, increase the reuse of natural products and by-products, and improve aquaculture processes. The project simultaneously aims to ensure equitable access to and sharing of benefits derived from any new products, such as new medicines or cosmeceuticals. It will also gauge the societal appetite for biobased solutions.

The project was awarded €7.65 million under the latest Horizon Europe Research and Innovation funding programme with an additional €1.54 million in Associated Partner funding provided by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).

BlueRemediomics launched on 1st December 2022 and will run for four years.

Project website (coming soon)
More detail about contacts & partners in the press release