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Antoine Triller lauréat de l’appel d’offre ERC "Synergy Grants"

ERC Synergy Grants are intended to enable minimum two to maximum four Principal Investigators and their teams to bring together complementary skills, knowledge, and resources in new ways, in order to jointly address ambitious research problems.

Titre du projet : “Microglia Control of Physiological Brain States”
Say the word “brain”, and most of us envisage a complex network of neurons sending electric signals all over the body. But this neurocentric view is too simplistic. This fantastic machine has other important parts - and microglia are its unsung heroes. They act as the local immune system, protecting our brains from infections and making sure nothing goes wrong. Scientists, however, have speculated that microglia may have additional functions.
A team of four researchers based in Germany, France and the US has just been awarded an ERC Synergy Grant to study the “Microglial Control of Physiological Brain States”. They propose that reciprocal signaling between neurons and microglia is critical for a healthy brain. The language of this intercellular communication is largely unknown. “It will be like deciphering the Rosetta Stone”.
Nils Brose, Thomas Oertner, Anne Schaefer and Antoine Triller will combine their unique skill sets - ranging from gene expression analysis to cutting-edge imaging technologies - to investigate the role of microglia and bring these little cells into the spotlight they deserve. In doing so, they will paint a more complete picture of how the brain works, shedding light on some of its complex mysteries and advancing the fight against neurological disorders.

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