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16 juin

Prof. David NOGUES-BRAVO Climate change and the erosion of genetic diversity

invité par Hélène MORLON - Section Ecologie et Biologie de l’Evolution


Le séminaire du Prof. David Nogués-Bravo (Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences) se tiendra en visioconférence. Le lien sera communiqué ultérieurement.

Abstract : The ongoing global decline of biological diversity presents a major challenge for a sustainable future of modern societies. I will bring evidence showing that this decline is accelerating but started already thousands of years ago, as a result of direct anthropic impacts and past climate change. I will showcase how past climate change is driving biodiversity decline, focusing at the genetic level of biodiversity, and has already modified globally current patterns of mammalian genetic diversity resulting from millions of years of evolution. Those evidences strongly suggest the need to incorporate paleo-records and historical dynamics to improve our knowledge on biodiversity erosion and to provide better estimates of species extinction risk, species conservation status and adequate managing decisions in the ground.