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An RNAi Screen in a Novel Model of Oriented Divisions Identifies the Actin-Capping Protein Z β as an Essential Regulator of Spindle Orientation.

di Pietro F, Valon L, Li Y, Goïame R, Genovesio A, Morin X.

Oriented cell divisions are controlled by a conserved molecular cascade involving Gαi, LGN, and NuMA. We developed a new cellular model of oriented cell divisions combining micropatterning and localized recruitment of Gαi and performed an RNAi screen for regulators acting downstream of Gαi. Remarkably, this screen revealed a unique subset of dynein regulators as being essential for spindle orientation, shedding light on a core regulatory aspect of oriented divisions. We further analyze the involvement of one novel regulator, the actin-capping protein CAPZB. Mechanistically, we show that CAPZB controls spindle orientation independently of its classical role in the actin cytoskeleton by regulating the assembly, stability, and motor activity of the dynein/dynactin complex at the cell cortex, as well as the dynamics of mitotic microtubules. Finally, we show that CAPZB controls planar divisions in vivo in the developing neuroepithelium. This demonstrates the power of this in cellulo model of oriented cell divisions to uncover new genes required in spindle orientation in vertebrates.

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Curr Biol. 2017 Aug 21 ;27(16) : 2452-2464.e8. doi : 10.1016/j.cub.2017.06.055.