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30 mai

Exploitation and cheating in Mutualism. Organized by ECO-EVO-DEVO, the pepinière interdisciplinaire CNRS

Exploitation and Cheating in Mutualism

Syntheses, Challenges, & New Directions

30-31 May 2016

Maison des Océans
195, rue Saint-Jacques • 75005 Paris

As part of the Eco-Evo Studies/Summer Institute 2016 at
Paris-Sciences-Lettres Research University, and with support from the
Partner University Fund program, the Pepiniere interdisciplinaire CNRS
"Eco-Evo-Devo" organizes a two-day workshop on

The meeting is open and free of registration fee.
More details and updates here

Confirmed speakers :
•Judie Bronstein (University of Arizona, USA, organizer)
•Megan Frederickson (University of Toronto, Canada, co-organizer)
•Maren Friesen (Michigan State University, USA, co-organizer)
•Melanie Ghoul (Oxford University, UK)
•Christoph Hauert (University of British Columbia, Canada)
•David Hembry (University of Arizona, USA)
•Martin Heil (Cinvestav, Mexico)
•Toby Kiers (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
•Stephanie Porter (Washington State University Vancouver, USA)
•Christina Riehl (Princeton University, USA)
•Joel Sachs (University of California Riverside, USA)

Workshop theme and objectives :
Cheating is a perennial theme in our efforts to understand the ecology and
evolution of cooperation. Where are we now, and where do we go from here ?
Talks in this symposium will address cheating in a variety of empirical
systems, incorporating a diversity of theoretical approaches. Time will be
devoted to group discussions in which all attendees will be welcome to
participate. Friendly controversy is expected, and new collaborations are
intended ! Our goal is to create an “idea lab” that will break the ground
for the next few decades of research.