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Cytosolic Transmitter Concentration Regulates Vesicle Cycling at Hippocampal GABAergic Terminals

Wang Lu, Tu Peng, Bonet Laurine, Aubrey Karin R and Supplisson Stéphane

Sustained synaptic transmission requires vesicle recycling and refilling with transmitter, two processes considered to proceed independently. Contrary to this assumption, we show here that depletion of cytosolic transmitter at GABAergic synapses reversibly reduces the number of recycling vesicles. Using paired recordings in hippocampal cultures, we show that repetitive activity causes two phases of reduction of the postsynaptic response. The first involves the classical depletion of the readily releasable and recycling pools, while the second reflects impairment of vesicle filling as GABA is consumed, since it can only be reversed by uptake of GABA or its precursors, glutamate or glutamine. Surprisingly, this second phase is associated with reduced quantal release, a faster depression rate and lower FM5-95 labeling, suggesting that the size of the cycling vesicular pool is regulated by cytosolic transmitter availability. Regulation of vesicular cycling may represent a general mechanism of presynaptic plasticity, matching synaptic release to transmitter supply.

Neuron 80,143-158