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29 avril

Carolina REZAVAL Is love blind ? Mating proximity gates threat perception.

IBENS Neuroscience Seminar

11h à 12h30

Le séminaire de Carolina REZAVAL (University of Birmingham, UK) aura lieu dans la salle Favard, IBENS 46 rue d’Ulm 75005 Paris

When forced to choose between fundamental needs, making the wrong decision could prove fatal. However, it is currently unclear how alternative options are evaluated and appropriate actions are prioritised. To tackle this problem, we developed an experimental system to study the neural circuit mechanisms that integrate the benefit of imminent courtship success with the risk of predation in Drosophila. By combining our novel behavioural assay with neurogenetics, connectomics and live imaging, we identified the neural circuitry that establishes behavioural priority during this ‘life-death’ conflict. Crucially, we found that the probability of mating success defines the decision to reproduce or flee. Our work reveals how the brain weighs up antagonistic advantages and risks, and the probability of success, at a cellular-circuit level.