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4 octobre

Marina VOINSON Cross-Species Parasite Transmission : the Malaria case

invitée par Amaury LAMBERT - Séminaires "Santé et Changements Globaux"


Le séminaire de Marina VOINSON, spécialiste en écologie et évolution des maladies infectieuses, aura lieu dans la salle Favard, IBENS 46 rue d’Ulm 75005 Paris

Some parasites are shared across many species, whereas others tend to be restricted to hosts from a single species. As ecological connections between human and local animal populations increase, the risk to human and wildlife health from novel parasites also increases. Which of these parasites will fizzle out and which have the potential to become widespread in humans ? The case of primate malarias has been considered, caused by Plasmodium parasites, to investigate the interacting ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that put human and nonhuman primates at risk for infection.