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Aim of the meeting

Mathematical Models in Ecology and Evolution (MMEE) is one of the largest conferences that brings together researchers working at the interface between evolutionary biology and the mathematical, physical, and computational sciences.

After Brighton (2007), Bristol (2009), Groningen (2011) and York (2013) it is now the turn of Paris to welcome researchers in these fields to present their work and discuss their findings.

As during the previous meetings, we aim to showcase the latest developments of mathematical modelling in evolution and ecology by presenting a programme including keynote talks and thematic sessions. We aim to create an inclusive and diverse programme of contributed talks and posters. We especially encourage the involvement of research students and early-career scientists.

Keynote speakers

Michael Doebeli
University of British Columbia, Canada;
Maria Servedio
University of North Carolina, USA;
Eva Kisdi
University of Helsinki, Finland;
Arne Traulsen
Max Planck Institute, Plön, Germany;
Régis Ferrière
Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris, France; and
Joshua Plotkin
University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Scientific committee

Mark Broom (City U London), James Marshall (U Sheffield), Hélène Morlon (ENS Paris), Jon Pitchford (York U), Franjo Weissing (Groningen U).

Organising committee

(UPMC, Collège de France), (UPMC, Collège de France), (CNRS, ENS), (CNRS, ENS), (UPMC, CNRS, Collège de France), (UPMC, Collège de France).


The MMEE conference is supported by the European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology.

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