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5 April

Violaine LLAURENS Evolution of temporal niches in sympatric species: from ecological to genomic data

invitée par Marie-Anne FÉLIX - Section Écologie et Biologie de l’Évolution


Le séminaire de Violaine LLAURENS (Collège de France) aura lieu dans la salle Favard, IBENS 46 rue d’Ulm 75005 Paris

Closely-related species living in sympatry are usually partitioned in different ecological niches but still display multiple common traits due to both shared ancestry and shared selective pressures. Here, we investigate ecological and genomic factors favouring the diversification in different niches and maintaining barriers to gene flow in Morpho butterflies. In this neo-tropical genus, up to nine species can co-exist in sympatry, and occupy different microhabitats from the understory to the canopy of the same Amazonian locality. During this talk, I will first focus on the evolution of divergent timing of reproductive activities among species, and show evidence on the effect of convergent evolution of colour pattern cues on the evolution of allochrony. Then, I will show recent results on the evolution of the sex-chromosomes and their putative role in reproductive isolation. Finally, I will detail the evolution of circadian genes in this genus, focusing in particular on signature of positive selection on the circadian gene Period, located on the sex chromosome Z. Altogether, this talk will highlight the feed-backs between ecological interactions between sympatric species and the evolution of their genomes.